An Eastern Sierra Hidden Gem of a Hike

An Eastern Sierra Hidden Gem of a Hike

Lundy Canyon Trail and Lakes Canyon Trails are awesome for a ton of reasons, two are personal:

  • I grew up camping at Lundy Lake and exploring the canyons, trails and beaver ponds.
  • The first place I did an overnight pack trip was along the Lakes Canyon trail at Oneida Lake.

 As I recall you can do a big loop starting out at Lundy Lake, going up the Lundy Lake Trail, connect to the Saddlebag Trail and back to Lundy using the Lakes Canyon Trail.  I could not find a great resource to confirm the connecting trails but I think this link is close as well as a few other links below.

One of the great elements of this hike is the seclusion and lack of traffic.  The hike is right near Tioga Pass but does not get nearly the same pressure as Yosemite hikes.  It really does not matter what direction you go but I can totally recommend camping near Oneida Lake if you want to stay overnight.  ***Disclaimer- I am not sure on the current camping regulations.


The hike through Lundy Canyon is supposed to be epic in fall when the Aspen are changing color but if you are there during summer the waterfalls and natural landscape are equally captivating.  The route is relatively challenging, especially as you get up to elevation.  At the highest elevations you will be hiking above tree level and have very little protection from the elements.  The variety in terrain and the sheer awe of the landscape has these hikes regarded as “must see”.

I always like to include a food option with the hike info and this would be no different.  There is an unusual but incredible option run out of a gas station just outside Lee Vining called Whoa Nellie Deli.  I cannot say enough good stuff about this spot- incredibly casual and for as laid back as it is the food is equally delicious.  I have had the lobster taquitos in the past (not sure if they still have this on the menu) and they were amazing.  Even the pizza is great.

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