My Story


A few years ago, after a particularly stressful business trip, I thought I could be having a heart attack.  Both my father and uncle had passed due to heart issues, so I told my wife as calmly as possible, that I was driving myself to the ER.  Fortunately, it was not a heart attack and just my body dealing with the stress and anxiety that I had not been able to manage consciously.  I realized at that time that I needed to make meaningful changes or the next trip to the ER might actually be necessary.  I took inventory of my life and actions and realized that stress was my biggest negative influence.

Work and the general concept of “keeping up” were the biggest culprits of my stress.  I decided that I wanted to make work a solution to my negative health issues and started LPC- Low Pressure Cooperative.  Low pressure as it refers to mental wellbeing and at is refers to the weather systems that bring us the wind, snow, water and waves that keep us going out into nature.

I am no expert in environmental practices, sustainability and mental health but I am committed to implementing and sharing new practices as I learn along the way to betterment. 

- Founder, Robert Myers