Big Sky is right! Beehive Basin is A+!

Big Sky is right! Beehive Basin is A+!

The hike to Beehive Basin is extra special because it was one of my family’s first hikes.  We saw a moose and her calf.  Got scared to death for a second as a dog, that looked exactly like a wolf, appeared a few hundred yards down trail- fortunately the dog’s owner appeared seconds later.  I carried my youngest about ¼ of the hike because the distance and elevation were a bit much for his smaller legs.  We did this hike in late August on a weekday which was perfect because the heavy tourism season had just ended, and the trail was nearly empty.  I think we only saw about 8 people total.


For anyone else, this hike will be special because of the incredible beauty.  Wild flowers, the peaceful lake and the view of the Spanish Peaks are the big perks.


Not many people mentioned bear spray in the comments on All Trails but we had some just in case.

The hike is moderate to difficult depending on conditions so you will work up an appetite and the River House BBQ is a great place to satisfy your hunger.  I think we ordered the Family Style BBQ- I ate some much I got the meat sweats!

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