Empowering Responsible Men- Off Grid Therapy

Empowering Responsible Men- Off Grid Therapy

I recently came across Off Grid Therapy and was immediately attracted because of the similar foundational ideas as Low Pressure Cooperative. Off Grid Therapy uses the outdoors to be a conduit for self awareness and improvement.  

Founder Brock Eissman describes how the concept came about: "During a camping trip with a group of friends who shared a common goal, the idea for Off The Grid Therapy was born. While enjoying the beauty of nature, we realized that it provided an ideal backdrop for personal growth, introspection, and building meaningful connections. Our trips are not just about camping and having fun, although they are undoubtedly enjoyable. They are about creating a supportive community where men can embrace personal development, mental health, and overall well-being."

There are so many lessons to be learned in the outdoors that translate into our daily lives so the more we can get out and push our boundaries and explore the better.  

Please check out their site and IG to learn more about this great program.





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