Limit your choices and support your mental wellbeing.

Limit your choices and support your mental wellbeing.

Recently I have been hearing about infinite browsing and how having a plethora of choices adds to your anxiety and damages your ability to make choices. 

I have almost always appreciated having some form of limitations on creative projects.  Limitations could be color, material or function- anything to narrow the number of choices I would need to make.  I used to think I was looking for the easy way out when I saw others wanted more choices and I wanted less.  I suppose my desire for less options could be a form of creative self-preservation. 

In a recent The Happiness Lab podcast Dr Lauri Santos discusses the idea of making a commitment and not always keeping your options open is better for our mental wellbeing.  Another fun idea brought up in the podcast is the original concept of YOLO , coined by Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart, was not meant to make the most of the present and disregard the future but actually for a long term commitment.

Check the link below to the podcast.


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