Need Some Help Sticking to Your Meditation Practice?  I Did.

Need Some Help Sticking to Your Meditation Practice? I Did.

Meditation is like many things that are good for you in that it requires relative consistency and quality of practice for best results.  Just like jogging, going to the gym or eating healthy- meditation needs to be done regularly and/or in good form to reap meaningful benefits. 

I started meditating a few years ago and although I did not practice daily, I was relatively consistent at about 4 days a week.  I really found the practice to be helpful and I looked forward to the time that I could quite my mind though a body scan or an affirmation.  But just like exercise or eating healthy I took the feeling good for granted and lost focus.  As I dropped off in consistency, I realized a noticeable change in my mental well-being and anxiety.  I was sure I was not the only person who fell off the meditation wagon so in my research I found the attached article by Carly Hunt on

The author provides four tips to help stick to meditation as well as explains the benefits of daily practice.  The article helped me get back to into the swing of meditation so hopefully it provides some into and inspiration to you as well.


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