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Eco-Friendly Warm * Manzanita

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This is your “do it all” glove.  The extremely durable cowhide leather is bumped up in protection with a PFOA free water repellency that will help block moisture.  As an added layer of moisture defense, a waterproof and breathable insert is sandwiched between the comfy liner and tough leather shell to ensure your hands stay dry.  The cozy liner is made of moisture wicking material to keep your hands warm and dry.  We use Kevlar thread and proprietary design features that adds to the lifespan of the gloves and therefore makes them more sustainable. 


Kontour Thumb * Rain Defense PFOA free DWR * Waterproof / Beathable Insert * Burly Cowhide * Kevlar Thread * Cozy Liner * Crash Pad * Neoprene Cuff with Velcro Closure

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